Ways to donate to Transforming Community for Social Change

1. M-pesa for Kenyans

2. Donations through Global Giving via paypal, debit/credit cards, checks

3. Wire transfers directly to TCSC

4. Donations through Friends United Meeting for Friends Church Peace Teams

1. M-pesa for Kenyans

If you are a Kenyan or have access to M-pesa, you may donate by sending funds through M-pesa. Phone number is 0726 590 783 (or 254 726 590 783), name is “David Zarembka” and payment description is “TCSC.”

2. To make a tax deductible (US) or gift aid eligible (UK) donation through Global Giving,

For Transforming Community for Social Change (TCSC), go to

For Reconciliation on Mt Elgon, go to

For Kakuma Refugee Camp, go to

Note that Global Giving deducts a 10% service fee to handle these transactions.

3.  Wire transfers directly to TCSC:

Note that the name on the TCSC account in the bank is still the original name of United for Peace and Community Development.

Name: United for Peace and Community Development

Address: P. O. Box 2804-50100, Kakamega, 50100, Kenya

Shilling Account number: 01134165266600

US Dollar Account number: 02100632481900

Bank: Cooperative Bank of Kenya Limited

Swift code: CKOOKENA

Branch code: 11052

Address: Cannon Awori Street, Kakamega, 50100, Kenya

4. Tax deductible donations from United States to Friends United Meeting for Friends Church Peace Teams (FCPT).

Send a check to “Friends United Meeting” with memo notation of “FCPT.” Mail this to Friends United Meeting, 101 Quaker Hill Drive, Richmond, IN 47374. Donations can also be made online at Click on the donate button and, in the drop down menu, click on Friends Church Peace Teams. This donation will pay for the salaries of the staff of Friends Church Peace Team and Transforming Community for Social Change. Note that 10% of donations under $2500 are deducted to help cover FUM’s administrative costs in handling these funds.